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Putting the pep back in your step

If you’re like a lot of busy people, you probably feel tired or run down throughout the day. These feelings can definitely put a damper on your weight loss efforts. After all, who wants to work out when they are so tired, even if regular exercise can help boost metabolism and improve energy levels?

Feeling so tired can also make you feel like you’ll never lose that extra weight simply because you can’t seem to get up and get active. Your diet could be part of the problem. Here are five great tips to boost your energy and overall health while putting the pep back in your step:

1. Skip the meat.

You don’t have to become a vegetarian to lose weight, but reducing the amount of meat that you eat can definitely affect your energy levels. Many types of meat have lots of fat, which can weigh you down both literally and figuratively. Saturated fats sit heavy in the stomach and can make you tired, so try cutting the meat from some of your meals and give your GI tract a jump-start. Replace meat with high-fibre foods that help keep your body running smoothly and efficiently.

2. Combine iron and vitamin C.

Do you get tired in the late afternoons around 3:00? This is the time of day that many people get hungry and cranky. To combat this, have a snack that is rich in both vitamin C and iron, which will inevitably improve your mood and boost your energy. A good way to get this powerful combination is to have some chocolate-covered strawberries or spiced seeds so you can boost your energy and satisfy your craving for something sweet all in one fell swoop!

3. Go gluten-free for a day.

Drastically changing your diet to be completely gluten-free may not be for you, but it won’t hurt just once a week. Think about it: if you get tired after a carbohydrate-heavy meal, you might have sensitivity to gluten. Give your body a break by going wheat-free once a week.

4. Detox.

Get rid of the free radicals by boosting your antioxidant intake. A good way to do this is to incorporate superfruits into your diet such aspomegranates and acai. Pomegranate is especially easy to obtain and is easy to mix into drinks throughout the day. You can throw some into your tea, water, or juice for an extra kick. It will help get rid of inflammation, which can drain your energy.

5. Have some fat.

Yes, you read that correctly: you should get some fat back into your diet. Going completely fat-free can actually hurt your chances of losing weight, so be sure to get some healthy fatty acids, such as the omega-3s, back into your diet. After all, they help convert food into energy.

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